Prototype Chapter - Success

I've been working on a draft/prototype idea for one of the chapter games. This one is a speed based game focused on both the band's success and their sudden disappearance. The game prompts you to click on one of the icons related to success and then deliver it to a band member. When you do this successfully their sense of fulfilment increases. Take too long and it decreases. Eventually you'll hit maximum fulfilment and are rewarded with further clues to the mystery. The basics of this chapter game are done, but it will be tweaked. I'm not sure that mouse control is the best way to do this (although it works better with touch control). I might make life easier for the players by giving them key controls. I'm also considering changes the descriptions from the basic "AWARDS", "MONEY" etc to something more detailed and interesting, but I'm also aware that might make it more difficult for players to identify which success icons they need to click on.

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