Are the strange tales of The Narrows true? Is it really haunted?

Discover the supernatural tale of Love Lost Meg in this short choose your path interactive gay comic story, and find all 4 endings.


  • Mild threat
  • Brief suggestion of drowning
  • Eggs - just mentioning it in case anyone has an allergy

Estimated play time: 10 minutes

Created as part of The Midnight Detective Club project.


Original photography (with thanks) by the following photographers on

  • Andrea Piacquadio
  • Michel Berube
  • Janko Ferlic
  • Perchek Industrie
  • Noelle Otto
  • Michael Morse
  • Rene Asmussen
  • Nadi Lindsay
  • Ginette Smiler Sear
  • Joao Luccas Oliveira
  • Mike
  • Kate Trifo
  • cottonbro
  • Rikka Ameboshi
  • Mati Mango

Image manipulation, story, coding & music by Ash Green.


Click the options on screen to progress through the tale.

Development log


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love the imagery

Thank you. :)


Estimated playtime: 5 seconds. 


Thanks for spending an extra 5 seconds on posting the feedback. ;)

lol.. yw


When playing fullscreen it's in the upper right corner. Is there any way to play this fullscreen & centered?


Thanks for spotting that. I'm not sure why it's doing that - I can see it does it on my screen as well. I will try to fix it.