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Very enjoyable game.  Sound design was very charming, and gameplay was serviceable.  A bit difficult to read the text due to the graphical style, but only a minor complaint.  A great game overall.

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Really cool how the walls kept changing and loading in as they came into view, gave it a really dynamic feel. Bit hard to keep up with the gameplay and all the unique dialogue at the same time but great concept and execution overall!

Loved the vibe of the game. The visuals and the gameplay was a lot of fun. I also love how the message of the game was integrated into the gamplay in such an intriguing way. Great gameplay and fantastic message.


This game was really fun to play! I love that it had a deeper message about transphobia. It reminded me of pacman with the thrill factor of trying to navigate this maze without running into one of the red figures. The ever-changing maze showcased the tumultuous nature of navigating a world that is so ridden with transphobia. I like the contrast of the colorful figures against the background! 10/10 :)

Thanks for the great feedback. I really appreciate it. :)


I like the idea of the game, although it was a little difficult to navigate because it was very easy to get stuck in various places in the map. The idea of the game is really nice, relating to the real world of how trans people can easily be put down by comments yet built up by uniting with other people. Eventually, they will reach a point where they are satisfied with themselves, and even when they are hit with something negative their emotional state will not break. 

Sorry about the sticky maze. I struggled to get it right, but it didn't work as well as I'd hoped. Thanks for the positive feedback, though. :)