The Networked Empathy Bank (tm) is a space where they upload  and de-fragment the world's jumbled consciousness. Remna-Bot-2k finds and collates remnants and fragments of memory from across TNEBs archive zones, recreating person specific empathy archives. Its subject today is AG1970TQQ+. What does AG1970TQQ+ have to say about the different spaces and communities they occupy in their life and why are other Remna-bots trying to subvert this project?


  • Collect all the memory fragments.
  • Deliver them to the subject's personal empathy archive folder.
  • Avoid other Remna-bots corrupting the remnants and fragments of memory.
  • Use cursor keys to play and Z X to move through title and about screens.

This narrative based arcade game was created with Pico-8 for Rainbow Game Jam 19(a jam exploring LGBT+ themes).

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