What 4 lame excuses is Elvis giving today for being in jail?

Move your hip wiggling Elvis with the cursor keys, "talk" to objects by moving into them. Find the excuses ("?" icons). Rescue his opposite lead.

Made in Bitsy for Oh no jam.

Changes made in version 2 thanks to feedback from Onion.


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i really like this but i cant figure out the excuse where you get stuck with wall on all sides?? am i missing something?

Thanks for playing. :-) I should have given that a bit more thought or at least mentioned that you should do that one last.

ah i just thought it was possible to rescue the maiden(?) that is glimpsed in one of the rooms- i think if you meant for that to be the end if i understand correctly, you could have put an ending there? that would take away the confusion

but either way the game is  great :P


I basically ran out of time in the end to finish it off properly, but... yes you can still do the rescue as long as you do it before going into that room that closes off. The rescue route is supposed to be a bit of an easter egg moment, that you find just by chance. Clue: I should have included a  spoon/shovel item in the game. I will update the game so that it makes more sense. Thanks for your positive feedback. :-)

OH!!! i figured it out!!! i thought you had to like find a way to come into the room with the lady but i got to her now xD i love how she's just like "no thanks"