Bitsy challenge

A few things I was trying to achieve in Bitsy for this game...

Create a story game that flowed in a way that made sense.

Write shorter text to get the story across.

Write a folk tale/fable.

Create tiles that looked like mistletoe, holly, pine needles in 8x8 monochrome.

Use colour schemes in the game to play a part in the story.

Try out the new dialog system.

Use collectable items in there somewhere... just to test them out.

Make the game as a bit of a nod to Ultimate games like Sabre Wulf & Atic Atac.

Well, that was my aim anyway!

I also wanted to finish making this game, as I've failed to do that in so many recent jams. I'm happy with what I created in about 12 hours.


The Fox's Coat Play in browser
Jan 02, 2018

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