Room for improvement

I put this together in about 8 hours, and my main aim was to get the stupid joke in at the end on the win screen... which I did... if you can find it! :-D The win screen also gave me the opportunity to try something new with Bitsy - use the image to Bitsy room converter tool.

If I get round to it I'd change the game around a bit, as follows:

  • Only allow the player to dig down through screens, not across.
  • Have plenty more screens to dig through & more 80s treasures to find.
  • Change the beacon icons - they don't really indicate why they're there or why the player should take any notice of them.
  • Make the dump tiles more interesting.
  • Use more colours - it's a bit dull and miserable looking in its current state.


dumping ground v18.html 159 kB
Apr 02, 2018

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