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A lovely tale indeed! Great work on making such a cozy mood with sweet visuals and music 😊


Thanks for the great feedback :)

Hey, I knew I recognized that m%^*$#king tree from somewhere!!!! ≧◡≦



A simple tale for a quick yet enjoyable experience ! Loved the visuals :) thanks for sharing it :D

Thanks for the positive feedback. :) 

I really enjoyed this game, thank you so much for making it!


Thank you. :)

This is so pretty!


Thanks :)

very pretty! wonderful use of colour and i loved the music too. really packs a lot into its playtime, i can't wait to see what you make next!

Thank you. :)

gorgeous! great spritework and use of the 3d, real good diorama vibes

Thanks. Glad you liked it. :)

Looks promising, can't wait to take a look !

Thanks. :)

I love what it became. Congrats for your work !

Thanks. So pleased you like it. :)