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So fun! I messed up a lot through to complete it but the ending was so worth it. It put a smile on my face (and the super chill music was such a bonus).

Thanks for such a positive comment. :) When you messed up, was it annoying that it sent you right back to the start? I wondered if I should have just sent players back to the start of the puzzle they were on. 

So here's the thing: as a player, I don't mind being punished for my mistakes in games at all lol. If anything, for players like me, it made me want to complete the game even more and its not like the puzzles are super tough or anything - they're really fun and such a creative way to make Bitsy more game-y. Sorry if this isn't helpful at all lmfao!


Thanks Obliviist. No, it's really useful for me to have feedback like this. :)

That was so cute and super enjoyable <3

Thanks. :)

very nice :)

Thanks. :)