Everything has its own desires. Everything longs for life on the other side of the fence... where we know the grass is greener. Help them get what their heart desires. But first you have to work your way carefully through the maze so you can learn who exactly wants what.

Made for #bitsyjam - Day Dream.

Development log


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This was pretty cute and interesting, but I didn't manage to get an ending if there is one. Are you supposed to be able to get stuck "on the other side of the fence" with no way back in? http://prntscr.com/ftmzdd (except I just noticed the character can kind of walk through the walls when you click instead of using the keyboard)

Thanks for playing. I probably should have put more explanation in there. There are endings, but the game is supposed to loop too. So on the first maze when you reach a character in the centre it will tell you its hearts desire, then by going through the gate at the bottom you should get to the second maze and the character in the centre is the hearts desire. Then if you go back through the bottom gate you'll come back to the 1st maze and you should be able to find more characters.

I thought I'd blocked all the exits off so you couldn't get stuck outside the maze. Thanks for mentioning it. I'll go and work out what was wrong.

Hey, I did reach (all of (?)) the endings in that case! I thought it was a very neat idea to make a maze like that in Bitsy!

Most of the characters don't seem too content on the second screen, which I imagine is the point :P

I think the warp outside of the maze happened if I went into the upper right corner of the first screen with the dog showing in the middle, if I remember correctly!