The Supreme Beings demand offerings to avoid everything from being destroyed. They're fussy about them as well, and demand a specific offering from you, the Novice Adulator. Find the right one and deliver it to the place of adulation, so the Supreme Beings don't destroy everything. While you're wandering around, talk to some of the locals and find out what they think about their overlords. Avoid the gaze of The Watchers, who do not like Adulators. The Watchers look in all 4 directions (up down left right), but can't see past any blocks/walls in those directions. The key is to work out the route through the rooms containing Watchers, and avoid being in their direct line of sight.

To Play
Control your character with the arrow keys.
Arrow keys do everything in this game - move and interact with objects and characters.
If in doubt just press the arrow keys!

My idea
I wanted to create a retro style maze game in Bitsy with more game play than my previous Bitsy games. I managed to include a couple of puzzles in it. (1) Choosing the right offering based on a sequence puzzle at the top of the screen. (2) Choosing the right paths through The Watcher rooms. I had other puzzle ideas, but ran out of time. Originally I planned to create the mazes, text and tiles/sprites/items with a tool I'd developed to generate them randomly, but that didn't work out. However, most of the graphics are tweaked versions of the original random tiles, and a lot of the character and item text was randomly generated as well.

Thanks to Adam Le Doux for making Bitsy.

Created for Ludum Dare April 2020.

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TagsBitsy, Ludum Dare 46, maze, Retro
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loved how you made a hud out of this. loved how I could easily pick the right one from the first room but I still did all three paths just because it was a fun tiny challenge. loved how everyone speaks random sentences following the same pattern. great bitsy.


Thank you. :) The basics of the dialogue & tiles were generated via a tool I was working on to auto-create Bitsy games.

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I'm really into this.

The music is amazing, and the maze design is great - I love being able to see the three goals from the first screen and then working out how to get to your chosen one. The blue zappy-dude puzzles aren't terribly difficult, but you have to think enough to make them fun; and I like how you play with scale. Colours and sprites are cute too.

Thanks Eldridge. :) Glad you liked it. I plan to re-use the zappy guys in a future game & makes things a bit more difficult with bigger rooms.

As usual, the graphics are great, very nicely done, you manage to add so many details in such a few pixels! And I loved the puzzle, it was easy to understand what to do, but challenging to find out how to do it. Great job!

Thanks  for the positive feedback, Enui. :-) I'd like to develop the puzzle aspect of my Bitsys further.

pretty good

Thanks. 😊