What's it about?

I created this in Bitsy for Gothic Novel Jam. Bitsy is my current fave narrative game tool. I really like the fact that there are certain constraints I have to stick to, and it's helped me think about making games that aren't based on speed, shooting, and dodging, which is where my games end up generally defaulting to. I used to enjoy writing short stories, & again Bitsy has helped me get back into short narratives in a different way. It also indulges my love of games from the 1980s (which I grew up with) on computers such as the ZX Spectrum, C64 & MSX.

A couple of things I tried to do with this Bitsy...

Take a scene from a famous gothic novel & adapt it, & also see if it could work as a stand alone piece. In some places the text might be a bit lengthy - I may edit it if I revisit this game.

Try to work out how to direct the player to key points in the narrative so that it all played out in the right order & made sense.

See if I could re-create an 8-bit 19th century Whitby using the day glow ZX Spectrum palette, & then see if I could make it a bit more sinister using the same palette throughout the game.

As it's set in a harbour town I also thought it would be a nice idea to tie it in with the The Broken Pirate game in some way.

I'm happy with how it turned out in general & if I do return to it will probably only make a few tweaks to the text & will take out the unfair unexpected deaths by off-screen cars & trains.


Arrival at Whitby Play in browser
Jul 18, 2018

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