What's it about?

I think it's time to revisit this Bitsy. I had grand ideas about what I wanted it to be.

  • The title - It was inspired by the titles of Mills & Boons romances I stumbled across as a librarian - I imagined I could create a super OTT  romance.
  • Pirate theme - I think I was drawn to this for a number of reasons...
    • The cliched romantic notions of pirates
    • An opportunity to create an epic fantasy adventure containing a number of inter-connected stories.
    • I'd read about Ann Stewart (The 'Female Sailor Boy')on the LGBT+ Bristol Outstories site and it got me thinking about an LGBTQ++ nautical related Bitsy. I'd like to create something around her story at some point as well.
    • For some reason I'm drawn to nautical themes - every other new dress I buy seems to have a sailor theme.
  • LGBTQ++ themed - The idea was that the characters would specifically be of undetermined gender and sexuality - I don't know if that came across. Probably not, but I don't believe there's any mention about the gender or sexuality of the characters in the Bitsy, so they can be whatever/whoever you want them to be. When I first created the game I hadn't been out as BTQ for very long and I wanted it to be my first proper exploration of that side of my life, so it has elements that are relevant personally to me. 

I don't think it ended up as what I originally wanted it to be. Not enough LGBTQ++ romance, not enough adventure. Not enough anything really, but it did have the basics of what I ultimately want to create, and I have been able to create a few smaller spin-off Bitsys from it, which picks up on parts of the original story. So, my plan is to go back and re-work the original story and make it the game it should have been.

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