Side stories

I've put together a few side story games for this. I really wanted to explore different aspects of it & expand on it, and it also gives me a focus when creating Bitsy games.

I've added them to this collection - Tales of the Broken Pirate.

The Crimson Serpent gives a back story to what happened on this abandoned ship.

Ship Shape Billie is a nod to Jet Set Willy & also a bit about who Billie/Billy might be.

Arrival at Whitby has a very tiny overlap into the world of the Broken Pirate, but I wanted to do something to tie in with the story & it gives me scope to expand on it. I created it for Gothic Novel Jam.

I'm also working on a couple of other Bitsy stories/games that will also feed into this.

The additional stories have meant that some of the original Broken Pirate game ideas & text will need to change, but I always saw the original game as a starting point that could be updated later anyway.


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Aug 31, 2017