Find out what goes on in a pirate's heart after discovering an abandoned ship that re-ignites a distant desire, in this short retro style adventure story.

  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Interact with objects by approaching them - press arrow key to move text on.
  • X marks the hideouts.
  • Contains 2 endings.

Created in #Bitsy for both #RainbowJam17 & #BitsyJam

#RainbowJam17 theme was Spectrum. I wanted to avoid any mention of binary gender and suggested that the characters could be any gender. As I was using Bitsy (an 8-bit retro style engine) I also used the old 8-bit computer ZX-Spectrum colour palette. I love those loud colours! :-) 

#BitsyJam theme was A Secret. There are a few unknowns in this game, including why the ships are abandoned.

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